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Emma Sandler

Emma Sandler

Emma Sandler

  • The Tom Ford acquisition is all about fragrance

    Beauty comprises 70-80% of Tom Ford's total business. Industry insiders said fragrance makes up about 50% of Tom Ford Beauty sales, and the premium fragrance industry saw an unexpected bump during the pandemic.

  • Photograph of various Olaplex products.Beauty & Wellness Briefing: What’s going on with Olaplex?

    Since its IPO, when it was valued at $14 billion, Olaplex stock has declined by 77% as of November 10. The brand now has a market cap of $3.5 billion.

  • Topicals raises $10 million Series A to grow inventory

    On Thursday, skin-care brand Topicals announced $10 million in new financing to bring its chronic skin problem-solving products to more people. The 2-year-old brand is attempting to bring the conversation of inclusivity, which has reverberated in makeup, to skin care. Topicals is centered around solving chronic skin issues like eczema,...

  • Zitsticka acquired amid acne patch boom

    Acne-care brands have gained substantial attention from investors and acquirers alike. Church & Dwight purchased Hero Cosmetics for $630 million in September, while Peace Out raised a $20 million series A, announced Monday. But there are a whole host of others, including Starface, Peach Slices and Fazit, to name a...

  • Sameer Agarwal, Clinique North America | Glossy 50 2022

    “My macro mission is taking a 54-year-old brand and making it feel like a modern brand,” Sameer Agarwal said. To achieve this, he's refocused Clinique's marketing, on multicultural consumers, Gen Z and IRL experiences.

  • Cindy Deily, Sephora | Glossy 50 2022

    Driven by Cindy Deily, Sephora launched sexual wellness in February. Marketing emails regarding the expansion saw some of Sephora's highest click-through rates, and “vibrator” was the top search term on in the week following.

  • Michael Johnson, Zitsticka | Glossy 50 2022

    In April, Michael Johnson spearheaded a splashy marketing campaign for the launch of Zitsticka’s then-new Face Map zit stickers. In the third quarter, Zitsticka’s new customer acquisition grew by a double-digit percentage.

  • Kleo Mack, Glossier | Glossy 50 2022

    Since joining Glossier from L'Oréal last year, head of brand Kleo Mack has spearheaded initiatives like a first-of-its-kind Shoppable Shorts Challenge on YouTube. This year, Glossier opened three stores and entered 600 Sephora doors.

  • Nora Zukauskaite, Lottie London, Skin Proud & Ciaté | Glossy 50 2022

    Since 2020, Nora Zukauskaite has executed several successful campaigns and projects across Brand Agency London brands Ciaté London, Lottie London and Skin Proud. The company has experienced a 15% revenue increase in the last year.

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