Webinar: The rise of personal care brands during the at-home beauty boom

Gen Z and Millennial consumers are increasingly spending more on skincare, personal care and clean beauty as they prioritize what they put in and on their bodies throughout the pandemic period. As new data from Klarna’s 85 million global shoppers reveals their interest and spend continuing to rise, the opportunity for beauty brands to reach customers with the right new products and services has never been more relevant.

In this Glossy webinar on August 18, join Jenna Potter, head of Beauty and Accessories, at Klarna — and featuring special guest Jeffery Burge, director of Global Marketing at Peter

Thomas Roth — learn how consumers are taking the dollars they previously put toward their typical spa, dermatology and other in-person treatments and spending them instead on at-home skincare solutions.

Join this webinar on August 18, 2020, at 1 p.m. EDT, to learn:

  • What recent data tells us about younger consumers’ recent uptick in spending across skincare, personal care and beauty
  • What the rising category of “clinical skincare” means to consumers and brands during the quarantine
  • What’s changed, what’s changing still and how marketers and brands can create responsive and successful strategies for their campaigns

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