The wholesaler’s guide to omnichannel strategy

As consumer demands continue to evolve, as well as those of wholesale buyers, fashion and beauty brands are adopting omnichannel strategies and jumping on the expanding array of data opportunities. 

While wholesaler buyers certainly want to stock on-trend, in-demand products for consumers, they’re also looking for experiences that emulate their own as consumers. To meet these needs, fashion and beauty brands are looking for ways to make their wholesale data more actionable.

In this Tactics + Insights guide, Glossy and NuORDER by Lightspeed unpack the steps fashion and beauty brands take to turn wholesale data into actionable insights to optimize sales channels, improve buying experiences and increase ROI. 

Download the new guide to learn: 

  • Why brands are prioritizing real-time inventory visibility
  • How the omnichannel playbook has become the template for wholesale success
  • How automation is powering the entire wholesale operations chain and more

Sponsored by: NuORDER by Lightspeed

The wholesaler’s guide to omnichannel strategy

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