The rising importance of health and beauty marketplaces

The health and beauty sector encompasses a diverse range of products, from personal care items to premium skincare and celebrity-backed cosmetics. As such, a customer’s journey has historically included a quick, value-driven purchase, with the site of choice being the supermarket, online pharmacy or a health and beauty retailer.

Digital marketplaces are now disrupting this model, offering consumers even faster value-driven propositions and greater ease of use, growing thanks to an understanding of the core of what drives consumers to purchase online, across multiple categories, in different countries and across borders. Marketplaces like these offer health and beauty consumers a faster and easier way to find and purchase their desired products.

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  • Why health and beauty consumers spend more when they shop online marketplaces than at brands’ sites
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  • How to cater to highly engaged health and beauty audiences

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The rising importance of health and beauty marketplaces