The retailer’s guide to the new world of customer loyalty expectations

Retailers everywhere are looking for new ways to retain and create loyal customers, but understanding customers’ outlook on loyalty after a year and a half of constant change is a challenge. In this new post-quarantine world, retailers need a new playbook to navigate loyalty programs.

Clarus Commerce went to the source and surveyed over 2,500 consumers across the U.S. about their shopping habits and what they expect with loyalty programs. Overall, it’s clear that traditional points programs are no longer enough — retailers need to do more to provide personalized, instant benefits that will retain customers and attract new, loyal ones, too.

Download this new report to learn:

  • How different generations are engaging with premium loyalty programs and how the pandemic affected those habits
  • Which benefits are driving loyalty and why premium loyalty is on the rise
  • How retailers can access the customers more used to traditional loyalty programs
  • How retailers are creating successful loyalty programs

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