The Retailers Guide to Revenue

A seamless, white-glove fulfillment experience is the lifeblood of loyal beauty and fashion customers. Whether it’s lipstick, a luxe accessory or a subscription box full of self-care, the steps between purchase and delivery — and what comes after — change the game for successful brands. 

In this new handbook from Glossy and MasonHub, every step in the order-fulfillment process is considered — and every step is wrapped in expert insights and tips that brands can put to work. Questions to ask, details to check and advice for streamlining and optimizing will front-load teams for success in a busy holiday season and all through the months to come. 

Download this new guide to learn:

  • How dynamic kitting is freeing up inventory to drive average order volume
  • What back-end order management systems are doing to better meet demand
  • Why transit-testing is only the start — customers want packaging to reflect the brand values in which they’re investing
  • The advantages retailers are leveraging by linking front-end and back-end tech