Why the future of retail is mobile

With 65 percent of all e-commerce driven by mobile — and 70 percent of consumers preferring to speak with brands via mobile messaging — it’s clear that the future of e-commerce marketing will be driven by mobile innovation.

But despite obvious performance declines and major technology limitations, marketers continue to rely on desktop-first channels like email and display over mobile-native channels like SMS and Messenger.

Join Mazdak Rezvani, CEO at Chatkit, for a webinar on-demand to learn how the right multi-channel mobile messaging strategy can help your e-commerce brand drive better, full-funnel results. He’ll explore the following topics:

  • Why a multi-channel mobile solution helps you optimize engagement at each stage of the buyer journey — from awareness to conversion to loyalty
  • How to gather first-party data from your customers through two-way mobile conversations
  • How artificial intelligence can help you deliver exactly the right message to the right people, on the mobile channels they prefer
  • How major fashion & retail brands like Rebecca Minkoff, Taft and Draper James are already using multi-channel mobile messaging to build more efficient, authentic and valuable relationships with their customers

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