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In May 2020 alone, the retail industry saw what experts estimated to be six years of digital growth — with a 77% year-over-year increase in sales. When looking back at the year as a whole, U.S. consumers spent $192 billion more online than they did a year earlier

Now, with shoppers having shifted their habits to the online purchase of products they used to buy in-store, retailers and brands are transforming their digital presence to ensure that their e-commerce channels can scale. The omnichannel imperative has taken a central — and increasingly complicated — position in the marketing mix. 

In this guide, experts unpack the ongoing omnichannel convergence. They help spotlight the tactics advertisers are using to unlock the shopping experience, charting a course across devices and back into stores 

Download this guide to learn:

– What shopping will look like across devices and in-store in 2021

– How brands and retailers will revisit augmented reality 

– Why influencers mean more than ever to campaigns 

– Three steps marketing teams can take now for omnichannel success