Research: Most marketers have sustained negative consequences due to brand suitability clashes

In early 2017, brand safety became the dominant topic in the digital ad industry. But as we edge closer to 2020, marketers are starting to elevate a different concern: Brand suitability.

According to new State of the Industry research from Integral Ad Science and Digiday, brand suitability —  a term describing a marketer’s desired targeting parameters, including subjective variables like location and demographics — is emerging as a top concern for digital media pros. Indeed, by next year, industry pros say suitability will be as big an area of concern as safety.

But who’s most responsible for addressing brand suitability? And what solutions should be employed? Our research demonstrated that there’s a great deal of disagreement on these points —  but also some areas of major consensus.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • Why digital media pros say brand suitability will be as important as brand safety next year
  • Which tools and tactics practitioners are using to address safety and suitability
  • Which negative consequences industry pros say they’ve encountered do to brand suitability issues
  • What industry pros think of the existing suitability frameworks put forward by major trade groups

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