Report: How luxury brands are building their TikTok community in 2022

Consumers’ number one reason for engaging with luxury content on TikTok is to be entertained, and recent studies back that up. But are luxury brands delivering the entertainment that TikTok audiences crave? And who has a leg up on TikTok strategies and market share in 2022?

What is certain is that the competition is fierce, and luxury brands are racing to make up ground. Most of the early TikTok adopters were affordable brands, while many luxury fashion and beauty brands have struggled to achieve the same success. 

This report from global social media and influencer marketing agency Fanbytes examines how luxury beauty and fashion brands are using TikTok to build their future Gen Z customer base through the lens of “TikTok battles” and how luxury brands can more effectively engage with TikTok in 2022.

Download this new report to learn:

  • Why luxury brands are getting left behind on TikTok and how they can adjust their strategies
  • Who’s winning on TikTok between the likes of Gucci versus Dior, Charlotte Tilbury versus YSL Beauty, plus how to emulate their success
  • Tips for luxury brands on TikTok for 2022

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