How to compete with digital-first brands in ecommerce, and beyond

Shoppers browse and buy from an endless aisle of digital touchpoints. Digital native brands are creating beautiful, easy-to-buy online ‘shelves’ with one or two tailored products to merchandise. For luxury clothing brands to replicate this, with complex global product lines, fragmented technology and siloed teams, it presents more of a challenge.  

Your success depends on tastemakers and fashion-forward buyers finding your product at the next best place to shop. Learn new techniques for planning a digital shelf strategy that has the future of commerce at its center.

Join Molly Schonthal, VP of strategy and innovation at Salsify on Thursday, September 26 at 10 am PST/1 pm ET, to learn:

  • The main drivers of change in luxury and clothing
  • The importance of fast moving data
  • What digitally native brands do well and where they fall short
  • Leveraging content in your marketing and commerce strategy

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