How L’Oréal leveraged gamification to drive fragrance sales

Fashion and beauty brands are increasingly turning to gamification to break through the noise in competitive markets. However, it can be challenging to do so in ways that authentically reflect the featured brands.

To drive awareness and favorability of its Prada Candy fragrance, L’Oréal tapped Activision Blizzard Media to bring the fragrance to the world of Candy Crush Saga. The creative collaboration brought together Candy Crush’s and Prada Candy’s brands in a custom mini-game that provided players an elevated ad experience to enhance gameplay and deepen brand affinity. 

With playable brand integrations, brands like L’Oréal are reaching highly engaged audiences to drive brand awareness and product sales.

Download this case study from Activision Blizzard to learn:

  • Why mini-games are ideal environments for elevated ad experiences
  • How effective integrations weave together brand and game elements
  • How the Prada Candy collaboration impacted upper- and lower-funnel KPIs

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How L’Oréal leveraged gamification to drive fragrance sales

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