How fashion and beauty brands are closing the gap between creator and checkout

Creator campaigns turbocharge a fashion and beauty brand’s short-term growth and foster its long-term strength. These influencer marketing efforts leverage the highly engaged audiences on social platforms like TikTok, converting eyeballs and engagement into valuable actions and sales.

TikTok’s inclusive and open environment has been a game changer for many fashion and beauty brands — rewarding users and advertisers alike through its serendipitous experience and rich stream of unique content — but it is only one channel in the mix of all available platforms. Further, the landscape of social media is often prone to change, most recently seen with the threat of a TikTok ban in the U.S.

Savvy brands take a long-term view of their platforms and how they use them. This strategic approach to creator-led performance marketing allows for brand resilience and higher-performing campaigns in a space as dynamic as social media.

Download this new guide from Takumi to learn:

  • Why audience mapping makes creator-led campaigns more effective
  • How creator campaigns are meeting KPIs across the marketing funnel
  • Ways brands are approaching creator marketing with agility
  • Comprehensive strategies from Revlon, La Roche-Posay USA and more

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How fashion and beauty brands are closing the gap between creator and checkout

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