How beauty brands are navigating social commerce

The beauty industry is embracing social commerce to stay competitive and meet shoppers’ changing demands. 

By leveraging social shopping features, influencer marketing, user-generated content and interactive experiences, innovative beauty brands like Glossier, Fenty Beauty and ColourPop are tapping into new opportunities for growth and user engagement. 

Coupled with the rise of TikTok Shop, Amazon storefronts and Amazon influencers, beauty brands are seizing the opportunity to leverage social commerce to reshape brand-consumer interactions and uncover new revenue streams.

Download this new guide from Front Row to learn more about:

  • How social commerce is driving incremental revenue for beauty brands
  • Which platforms and tools are driving social commerce success
  • The impact of influencers and micro-influencers on social commerce
  • Insights from beauty brands, including Versed Skin, Bubble Skincare and Glow Recipe

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How beauty brands are navigating social commerce

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