Guide: TikTok strategies and the Gen Z consumer

As Gen Z consumers dominate more of the digital marketplace, marketers are seeking new ways to foster engagement. This audience is looking to connect with brands that share their values, paying close attention to those that offer authentic experiences. Naturally, TikTok is becoming the marketing platform of choice.

Yet TikTok is unlike any social platform that’s come before, so marketers are looking for strategies to help them enhance campaigns and connect with a digitally savvy Gen Z audience.

In this new Unpacked guide, Digiday and QuickFrame by MNTN take a closer look at the ways beauty, fashion and luxury marketers are developing strategies to reach a growing and influential Gen Z audience on TikTok.

Download this guide to learn: 

  • How TikTok marketing differs from traditional social media campaigns
  • What type of social content performs best with Gen Z audiences
  • How to make the most of viral TikTok trends
  • How to find TikTok marketing partners and influencers

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Guide: TikTok strategies and the Gen Z consumer