Research: Flexible payments are central to consumer satisfaction in e-commerce

Creative thinking and modern technology have solved a myriad of age-old customer experience problems — but issues still plague consumers in the e-commerce space.

Klarna surveyed over 1,000 American shoppers to learn what they love — and don’t love — about shopping for their favorite products online. From fashion and activewear to electronics and home goods (and beyond), these are the six key insights brands need to become a disruptor in their industry.

In this guide you will learn:

  • The biggest reason why customers would be unlikely to buy from a specific online retailer again
  • The number one reason those customers surveyed love their favorite online retailer
  • Charts that detail Gen Z and millennial shoppers’ top 3 interests in each retail vertical
  • The role that flexible payments, shipping and return policies play when it comes to customer satisfaction

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